[CT Daily] 11/12/2014

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Nov 12 22:26:20 EST 2014

NOTE: Only NEGATIVE reports today (Wednesday) from those seeking the
Lyman Orchard Yellow-headed Blackbird(s).

 From David Zomick:
11/12/14 - Bloomfield -- One Snow Goose behind Carmen Arace school in
the Athletic field.  One Cackling Goose in front of Carmen Arace
school between the entrance and Rt 178 feeding in muddy area close to
parking lot; short stubby bill & white neck band readily seen.

 From Paul Carrier:
11/12/14 - Cannan -- 18 Black Vultures kettleing.

 From Mike Resch:
11/12/14 - Middlefield, Lyman Orchard -- Fly over American Pipits were
nice; a flock of about 30, another flock of 6, and a single bird.

 From Joseph Budrow:
11/11/14 - Middlefield, Lyman Orchard -- 9 AM; Yellow-headed Blackbird
in plowed field where corn maze was.  Brown with partial yellow head.

 From Michael Doyle:
11/11/14 - Litchfield, Bantam Lake, Point Folly -- Three Northern
Shoveler east of the point.

 From Michaelene Komara:
11/11/14 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Common Eider off Moraine

 From Steve Spector:
11/11/14 - Milford, Milford Point -- around noon;  western end of main
sandbar, Lapland Longspur.   Also, 2 Nelson's Sparrow, 2 "Ipswich"
Savannah Sparrows.

 From David Zomick:
11/11/14 - Southbury, Cassidy Road -- Cattle Egret seen 12:10 PM on
telephone wires near cow feeding pen/orange colored enclosure & again
alongside cows in meadow across the road from Southbury Training
School Farms.

 From Greg Hanisek:
11/11/14 - Southbury, Cassidy Road -- CATTLE GREAT in pasture with
Holsteins; found today and reported to eBird by Adrian Lewis.

 From Bill Banks:
11/11/14 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park, hawk Watch -- 180 Pine

 From Ryan Maclean:
11/11/14 - Greenwich, Quaker Ridge -- the best look we've had at
a Golden Eagle all season at 3:39.

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