[CT Daily] 11/16/2014

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Nov 16 21:56:09 EST 2014

 From Russ Smiley:
11/16/14 - New London, Ocean Beach Park -- 10:45 AM: Lark Sparrow near
playground area by picnic tables seen front stream side trail.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
11/15/14 - Hartford, Riverside Park -- 2 RED-BREASTED MERGANSER.
11/16/14 - Canton, Canton Yard- 200+ PINE SISKIN, 3 PURPLE FINCH.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway:
11/16/14 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- 9:00 AM; One NORTHERN
GANNET flying off the coast beyond the jetty; 25 SNOW BUNTINGS in
Nature Center parking field; looking north from the Cedar Island
observation platform 1 male PEREGRINE FALCON on a nearer log.

 From Larry Bausher:
11/16/14 - Milford, Mondo Ponds -- 10:30 AM; hen Northern Pintail  
continues on back pond (with Mallards)  Also Pine Siskins.

 From Paul Desjardins:
11/16/14 - South Windsor, Station 43, Vibert Rd section -- 2 Fox
Sparrows and 3 Rusty Blackbirds.
Broad Brook, Mill Pond -- hen Northern Pintail and 2 Common Raven.

 From Gina Nichol & Steve Bird:
11/16/14 - Madison, Hammonassett State Park, Willards Island -- Fox

 From Dan Cimbaro:
11/16/14 - East Hampton -- noon; 8 Rusty Blackbirds present at Pine
Brook marsh.  Feeding on ground at north end of marsh visible from
trail at intersection of Chestnut Hill Road & Old Middletown Ave.

 From Carolyn Cimino:
11/16/14 -  New London, Ocean Beach Park -- 2:20 PM; The Lark Sparrow
found by Russ this morn continues.

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
11/16/14 - Colchester, yard -- Red-headed Woodpecker showed up finally
around 10 and stayed around off and on til last seen around 4:30. Five
other people got to see it today. Thanks for not giving up on him/her.
It seems to be more active after 2 P.M. Today it was seen eating
peanuts, suet and white millet on the ground near back feeder. Before
lunch it seemed to be find his cache and eating leftovers from

 From Jory Teltser:
11/16/14 - ?????, Jonathan Law School -- Eurasian Wigeon, at 4 PM,with
Tina Green.

 From Hank Golet:
11/16/14 - Waterford, Town beach, on Islands off the beach -- COMMON

 From Steve Kotchko:
11/16/14 - Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows -- about 50 American Pipits
in field in the meadows.

 From Robert and Linda Dixon:
11/16/14 - Sterling yard -- FOX SPARROW (5), YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER
(1f) and 28 Northern Cardinals at dusk (20 males).
Central Village, Quinebaug Fish Hatchery -- PURPLE FINCH (2), FOX

 From Craig Repasz:
11/16/14 - ?????, West Rock -- Fox Sparrow.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/16/14 - Stratford, undisclosed private residence -- Immature female
RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD coming to feeder. Identification, age and sex
determined with aid of photographs. Access to birders is not yet

 From Frank & Linda Mantlik:
11/16/14 - tratford, our residence -- Fox Sparrow. Our first of

 From James Sherwonit:
11/16/14 - Old Saybrook -- Fox Sparrow

 From Cindi Kobak:
11/15/14 - North Guilford yard -- 2 adult male YELLOW-BELLIED
SAPSUCKERS stripped last of fruit from winterberry in late afternoon.

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