[CT Daily] 11/29/2014 N Shrike, Snowy Owls

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Nov 30 00:11:39 EST 2014

 From Bob MacDonnell:
11/29/14 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- After more than 2
hours searching along with several others, I got a brief view of the
Northern Shrike at Haddam Meadows State Park just before noon. I was
in the silo parking lot about to give up when I saw it fly from near
the entrance, possibly from across Route 154, east across the open
field to the top of a tall tree along the river. It perched briefly
and Dan Rotino was also able to see it before it flew to another tree
top and then took off to the north and across the river and out of
sight. It was only in view for a minute or two.  Perhaps it's
frequenting areas outside the park, which could account for the very
sporadic sightings.

 From Phil Rusch:
11/29/14 - Storrs, UConn campus, Horsebarn Hill -- 10:15 AM; Snowwy
Owl on the top of the hill, viewed from chicken coops.

 From Gil Salk:
11/29/14 - Storrs, UConn campus, Horsebarn Hill -- The Snowy Owl was
still there, opposite chicken coops, at 2:00 PM. Visible on right
coming up the hill, from very short stretch of road just before dirt
road heading off to right.

 From Stephanie Stewart:
11/29/14 - Storrs, UConn campus, Horsebarn Hill -- 3:38 PM; Snow Owl
continues. In field down from and across from poultry barns on Horse
Barn Hill Rd. Sitting on the ground.

 From Steve Morytko:
11/29/14 - Storrs, UConn campus, Horsebarn Hill -- We left around noon
after viewing the bird distantly with Phil and others as it sat on the
very top of Horsebarn Hill for about 90 minutes. I returned around
1:30 with some friends and the bird had moved (possibly disturbed by
some people walking dogs) to the hill to the north of Kellogg Barn and
was still there when I left around 4:15 after returning a third time.
In both locations the view was distant but it was better in the latter
location. You should definitely bring your scope if you have one.
If we're lucky it will still be present tomorrow. If you're thinking
about seeing it don't wait too long as there will be much more
potential for disturbance beginning tomorrow afternoon when students
return from their break.  Other birds: Snow Buntings (a small flock
was seen near the old barn on the north side), and Wilson's Snipe
around the large puddle in Valentine's Meadow (below and between the
Farm buildings and horse barns).

 From Roy Harvey:
11/29/14 - Stratford, Short Beach -- 2:13 PM; spotted a distant Snowy
Owl toward the right hand (south, LI Sound) end of the breakwater
across the channel.  I suspect the bird was actually in Milford.
Viewing conditions (scope required) were terrible, with heavy shimmer.
Had I been viewing from Stratford Pt the view might have been less

 From Paul Desjardins:
11/29/14 - Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill meadows -- 4 American Pipits.

 From Mardi & Towny Dickinson:
11/29/14 - Westport, Burying Hill Beach -- 1 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL.
He's back.....!

 From Jay Carlisle:
11/29/14 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park, Meig's Point -- 1st-winter
Glaucous Gull flew past jetty from the Madison direction and continued
E past the point.  In view roughly 4:00 to 4:02 PM.  Also, 1 Purple
Sandpiper, 1 Lapland Longspur, 50+ Snow Buntings, etc. earlier in

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