[CT Daily] 01/05/2015

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Jan 5 23:46:40 EST 2015

 From Tina Green:
01/05/15 - Southbury, south of Mitchell Farm and the Shepaug Dam on
the west bank of the Housatonic River on River Road -- Mew Gull
continues before flying off.  I spotted the bird while it was roosting
with a large flock but it was indeed on an edge as Keith had said. The
head shape and dark eye alerted me as I could not see the legs at that
point until a bird blocking our view moved.  Patrick  Comins looked
through my scope and confirmed my ID.  Unfortunately only 3 of us got
to see it before it flew but at least we know it's still around.

 From Dave Winston:
01/05/15 - Stamford, Cove Island Park -- The Painted Bunting showed up
at 10:15, a bit later this morning than past visits.

 From Frank Mantlik:
01/05/15 - Stamford, Cove Island Park -- male PAINTED BUNTING flew in
to dense thicket at 1:45, remaining in view only 5 seconds before
going deeper into thicket. Also 1 Winter Wren.
Westport, Burying Hill Beach -- adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL.
Milford, Silver Sands State Park -- 1 SHORT-EARED OWL appeared in
flight over old landfill after sunset at 5:05. Two American Woodcock
also seen.

 From Frank Gallo:
01/05/15 - Norwalk. 14-acre Pond -- noon; A female Blue-winged Teal
with a male Northern Shoveler.

 From James Purcell:
01/05/15 - Fairfield -- a Bonaparte's Gull in the water, one jetty
west of Penfield Reef.

 From Lauren DeGennaro:
01/05/15 - Woodbridge -- before work I spotted a Peregrine Falcon
chasing some rock pigeons over a parking lot off Route 63.

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
01/05/15 - Colchester yard -- Brown Creeper.
Deep River, Smyth Sanctuary -- 11:30; 2 Northern Pintail.
Old Lyme, the Deep -- 12:15; Peregrine Falcon sitting on bridge
pilings while another one flew over our heads as we were looking at
the 2 under bridge.

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