[CT Daily] 01/10/2015 Gyr, Mew Gull, N Shrike

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Jan 10 23:54:31 EST 2015

 From Mike Moccio:
01/10/15 - Stamford -- 11:30 AM off of Soundview Ave I observed a
large dark bird flying slowly west obviously different than others.  I
was able to scope it and observed a falcon shape being harassed by a
herring gull. They were approximately the same size. This ruled out
peregrine. I also observed a darker phase, blunted wing tips, thick
wings, slow stiff wing beats.  Conclusion: Gyrfalcon.

 From Phil Rusch with Glenn Williams and Bob Dewire:
01/10/15 - Southbury, River Rd, Mitchell Farm -- a very frustratingly
brief, 5-10 second look at the Adult "Common" Mew Gull in the field at
the corner of River Road and Purchase Brook Road.  As I was passing
the scope over to Bob, the flock took flight, never to regroup as one
flock.  We never had a sniff of the bird again. A very frustrating day
of gull searching.  Other birds seen included 6-8 American Pipits, 2-3
Lesser Black-backed Gull including 1 adult and 1 or 2 first cycle
birds, and a first winter Golden Eagle.  Also others saw the
continuing Greater White-fronted Goose on the river.

 From Paul Desjardins:
01/10/15 - Southbury, River Rd, Mitchell Farm -- To add to the list of
birds seen today after the other birders left I observed a Winter Wren
nearby along the river.

 From Tina Green with Kory Teltser:
01/10/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- Northern Shrike
continues north of boat launch.

 From Jannie Shapiro with Dan Rottino:
01/10/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- Northern Shrike seen
in same location behind the yellow gate by first duck box.

 From Dave Winston:
01/10/15 - Stamford, Cove Island Park -- 11:00 Am; Painted Bunting on
the edge of Cove Woods, North of Tennis Courts, Same area.  Seen by
Frank & Linda Mantlik, Mike & Wanda Moccio, Stephan Martin & Myself.
Bird Flew across the street sat in the sun by a neighbors front steps
to feed on old Pokeweed fruit, for very nice looks.  Approx 11:15 Bird
flew back South into the woods edge by the tennis courts.

 From Russ Smiley:
01/10/15 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park -- 8:0 AM, ld!;
Iceland Gull adult east of jetty.  8:50 AM; Grasshopper Sparrow
continues in same location.

 From Carol & Gary Lemmon:
01/10/15 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park -- Grasshopper
Sparrow seen around 11:25 AM in north end of the field behind the
nature center where it is usually found.

 From Jory Teltser with Sara Zagorski and Tina Green:
01/10/15 - West Hartford, Hartford Reservoir #6 -- Continuing Greater
White-fronted Goose, seen at far edge of the Reservoir, down the
trail.  A Snow Goose was seen toward the beginning of the trail
were the ice stops.

 From Frank & Linda Mantlik, with others:
01/10/15 - Stamford, Cove Is Park -- Adult male PAINTED BUNTING
appeared in thickets just north of tennis courts 10:30. Then flew N
across road to brown house, where it fed on dried Pokeweed berries
near front step.

 From Donna Caporaso:
01/10/15 - Stratford, Birdseye  boat ramp -- Wilson's Snipe at stream
between two parking areas.

 From Shari & Val Guarino:
01/10/15 - Southington, yard -- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at suet for
the past three days.

 From Maria Stockmal:
01/10/15 - New Haven, Long Warf -- Great Cormorant.
Milford, Silver Sands State Park -- Vesper Sparrow.

 From Jim Bair:
01/10/15 - Southbury, River Rd -- Golden Eagle, Greater White-fronted

 From Maggie & Jack Peretto with Paul Smith:
01/10/15 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park, Middle Beach -- 1 Snow
Bunting (with flock of Horned Larks).

 From Tim Antanaitis:
01/10/15 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- There was a juvenile
Glaucous Gull at 1:15 PM today, 20 feet from shore right near the
jetty.  Also 1 Snow Bunting (mixed in with the horned larks) in the
nature center field/lot.

 From Paul Carrier:
01/10/15 - Bristol -- Saw a Rough-legged Hawk flying over an open
field on Preston Rd.

 From Aidan Kiley:
01/10/15 - Stratford, Birdseye Boat Ramp -- 1 Wilson's Snipe in creek,
1 Great Cormorant.
Fairfield, yard -- 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

 From Nancy Morand:
01/10/15 - Durham, Banta Lane -- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

 From Alex Burdo:
01/09/15 - airfield, Morehouse Lane -- 1 BLACK VULTURE.
01/10/15 - Fairfield, Ash Creek Open Space -- 1 EURASIAN WIGEON.
Fairfield, Perry's Mill Ponds -- 1 YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, 1 BROWN

 From Dave Provencher:
01/09/15 - Preston -- While crossing over the Thames River on the
Mohegan-Pequot Bridge (Rt 2) shortly before the gloaming, a Peregrine
Falcon crossed northerly above the bridge. Likely a female. Never have
had a Peregrine along that bridge before.
Waterford -- Peregrine Falcons are still resident at Millstone

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