[CT Daily] 01/12/2015 N Shrike, Painted Bunting

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Jan 13 23:34:19 EST 2015

 From Howie Sternberg:
01/13/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- 1 Northern Shrike at
2:15 PM in bushes north of boat launch just beyond the two small "no
parking beyond this sign" signs. Came out of the bushes for some sun
and went back in after having been harassed by the resident Mocking

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
01/13/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- Northern Shrike
continues on North side of boat ramp after 1st picnic area feeding on
a bird low in bush at 10:40 AM. then top of tree 50 feet further North
at about 11:05 AM.

 From Annette Cunniffe with Maggie Peretto:
01/13/15 - Greenwich, Greenwich Point -- American Pipit.
Stamford, Cover Island Park -- We had the Painted Bunting in the
morning around 10:00.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
01/13/15 - West Hartford, Reservoir #6 -- 1 SNOW GOOSE continues, 4

 From Charles Makarewich:
01/13/15 - Kent Hollow, yard --  First of the season, 13 Pine Siskins
at our feeders.

 From Roy Zartarian:
01/13/15 - Hartford/Wethersfield, Cedar Hill Cemetery -- one
YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER seen in the trees bordering the main pond
immediately beyond the cemetery entrance

 From Mike Warner:
01/13/15 - Fairfield, South Pine Creek -- one Fox Sparrow at the
parking lot near the black pipes before the bridge.

 From Arthur Shippee:
01/13/15 - Hamden, North Lake -- 1 Rusty Blackbird:  different bird
from 1/11, much more brown.

 From Tina Green:
01/13/15 - Bridgeport, Seaside Park -- Lapland Longspur (with a flock
of Horned Larks) at the very west end of the park.  FYI, Greg Hanisek
found the Longspur earlier today and I learned about it from my eBird
"needs alerts" which popped up on my email and I saw it while
finishing a class.  I encourage those that do not use eBird to start
using it now. It is easy to use,even for someone like me who is
"technology challenged". 

 From Scott Kruitbosch:
01/13/15 - Stratford yard -- 2 PINE SISKIN flying around the
neighborhood in the late morning, the first I have seen in a couple of

 From James Winkelmann:
01/13/15 - Southbury, River Road/Mitchell Farm -- 1 Peregrine Falcon
(seen over field East of Purchase Brook Rd, just N of Mitchell Farm),
3 Pine Siskin along River Road heading back to I-84.

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