[CT Daily] 01/15/2015

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Thu Jan 15 23:50:19 EST 2015

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
01/15/15 -  Hartford, 143 Murphy Road (behind All Waste Recycling) --
1 first-cycle GLAUCOUS GULL was back again on top of the roof of
recycling plant.

 From Russ Smiley:
01/15/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows -- 8:40 AM; Northern Shrike seen
south of dam across marsh beyond yellow gate.

 From Bev Propen with Judy Moore:
01/15/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- nice views of the
Northern Shrike about 10:10 AM, past the yellow metal gates by the
dam, well camouflaged in low thickets, then flying around the frozen
marshy area and perching in some low trees.

 From Michaelene Komara:
01/15/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park -- 2:25 PM; Northern
Shrike continues.  Last seen flying into marsh south of dam. Was first
spotted in tree top in the line of trees behind center duck box. Then
flew towards the river and hunkered down momentarily in bittersweet
tangles. Then flew to tree top just north of boat launch. Then flew to
tallest tree near yellow gate, then to tree top mid-dam, finally into
marsh south of dam.

 From Mike Van Valen:
01/12/15 - Norwalk -- One Black Vulture soaring above Route 7.
01/15/15 - Norwalk -- Two Black Vulture above my neighborhood.
(There are sometimes 6 or 7 black vultures sitting on the rooftop of
the Stop and Shop plaza on route 7.)

 From Stefan Martin:
01/15/15 - Greenwich -- 4:20 PM; an Adult Northern Gannet plunge
diving mid-sound at Tod's Point. South end of Eagle Pond.  2 Adults on
the water mid sound 4:30.

 From Robert Dixon:
01/15/15 - Pawcatuck -- 1:45 PM; GOLDEN EAGLE soaring in slow lazy
circles (vulture like) over Hawley St. Bird had small dark head,
uniform clean (not messy) dark brown body. Very distinctive
silhouette. Also several YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS around town.

 From Mary Mushinsky:
01/15/15 - New Haven, Long Wharf -- one Black Vulture, above.

 From Brian Toal via Sara Zagorski:
01/15/15 - West Hartford/Bloomfield, Hartford Reservoir 6 -- Iceland
Gull seen hanging out with the many geese at the back of the

 From Paul Carrie:
01/14/15 - Litchfield, Townfarm Rd, by the corn rows -- 2 Snow Bunting
(with 80 plus Horned Lark).
Harwinton, yard -- a flock of 10 Pine Siskin (within the Goldfinch).

 From Kevin Finnan:
01/14/15 - Goshen, yard -- 10 Pine Siskins (with Goldfinch flock).
find it notable that this is the first time the Pine Siskins are
visiting feeders.

 From Fran Zygmont:
01/14/15 - Barkhamsted, yard -- 65 Pine Siskins (mixed in among 130+
goldfinches). Siskin numbers were just 11 over the past weekend.

 From Paul Desjardins:
01/14/15 - Bloomfield, reservoir 6 -- morning; Snow Goose continues.
(This section of reservoir 6 is in Bloomfield._

 From Tina Green with Sara Zagorski and Maggie Peretto:
01/14/15 - Canaan, Cobble Road feeders -- 2 Pine Siskins.
Goshen -- 4 Purple Finches (2 males, 2 females).
Litchfield, White Memorial Foundation, main area -- 2 Red-breasted
Nuthatches calling.
Litwin Road -- female Ring-neck Pheasant crossing the road.

 From Howie Sternberg:
01/14/15 - Haddam, Haddam Meadows -- 1 Northern Shrike at 3:40 PM on
top of big tree at northwest corner of boat launch parking lot,
directly above my car.

 From Angela Dimmitt:
01/14/15 - New Milford, yard -- 1 Pine Siskin at feeder.

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