[CT Daily] 01/21/2015 Sandhill, Harlequin, Mew

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Jan 21 22:59:43 EST 2015

 From Greg Hanisek, Bill Banks and Bruce Finnan:
01/21/15 - Stonington -- 9:09; Sandhill Crane seen from St Mary
Cemetary across the water near right hang end of RR tracks.

 From Michaelene Komara:
01/21/15 - Stonington -- 2:10 PM; Sandhill Crane in cornfield

 From Dan Rottino:
01/21/15 - Stonington, Lambert's Cove/St Mary's Cemetery (Rte 1) -- At
5:00 PM the Sandhill Crane was on the ice behind all the waterfowl. It
walked to the bare ground at the base of the railroad tracks and was
there in the dark when I left.  Two trains came by and it didn't
budge.  Seen with two other birders but the light was poor by then and
so are the photos but the photos are recognizable.  The bird could not
be found in the cornfields at 4:25 and was not seen on the cove at
4:40.  I left and returned and there it was.

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
01/21/15 - Stonington, St Mary's Cemetary -- Sandhill Crane seen
between 11 and 11:20; bird was below railroad tracks looking across.

 From Russ Naylor via Patrick Comins:
01/21/15 - Southbury, River Rd, Mitchell Farm -- the Mew Gull was seen
on top of the farm building in the afternoon.

 From Tina Green:
01/21/15 - Fairfield, Sunken Island -- 8:15 AM; adult male Harlequin

 From Mike Warner:
01/21/15 - Fairfield, Sunken Island -- 10:00 AM; Harlequin Duck.

 From Frank Mantlik:
01/21/15 - Fairfield, 2182 Reef Rd, Sunken Island -- male HARLEQUIN
DUCK continues straight offshore (scope advised as pretty far out). At
10:34 it took off and flew by itself to east. It went behind a beach
house for me, so don't know how Far East it went.
Bridgeport, Seaside Park -- 2 LAPLAND LONGSPURS among flock of 150
Horned Larks at far west end of park on grassy field. (I did not
relocate the Cackling Goose; Canada Goose number was much reduced from
the other day.)
Stratford, Birdseye Street boatramp -- 8:05 AM; WILSON'S SNIPE in
northern ditch.
Lordship Seawall -- 8:20 AM; 1 adult NORTHERN GANNET flying east not
too far out over Sound.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
01/21/15 - Wethersfield, Wethersfield Meadows - 1 COMMON REDPOLL, 5

 From Patrick Comins:
01/21/15 - Southbury, River Rd, Mitchell Farm -- a few American Pipits
there when I drove by at lunchtime.
Southbury, Bent of the River -- I was greeted as I got out of the car
this morning by a noisy flock of 50-75 Pine Siskins perched in the
cedars near the office building.

 From Dave Provencher:
01/21/15 - Waterford, Millstone Point -- Flyover Pine Siskin Wednesday
Niantic Bay -- immature male Common Eider.  Despite the proximity of
Harkness Park where Eiders have occurred in varying numbers for many
years, I have never seen them in Niantic Bay.

 From Paul Desjardins:
01/21/15 - Old Lyme, Griswold Point section -- hen Common Eider.

 From Barb DeRienzo:
01/21/15 - East Haven, Brazos Road, Long Island Sound -- a lone male
Common Eider (with assorted waterfowl).

 From Paul Carrier:
01/21/15 - Harwinton, yard -- At least up to 30 Pine Siskin today at
feeder - building in numbers but no Redpoll yet.

 From Flo McBride with Arne Rosengren:
01/21/15 - Guilford, Circle Beach Road, East River marsh --
light-phase Rough-legged Hawk land on a telephone pole near the boat
launch lane at about 12:35 PM.  Several other people saw the bird
after that, as it flew to the roof of one of the houses near the lane,
and then to an adjacent rooftop.  I don't know how long it stayed
around, since we had to leave.
Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park -- 11 Purple Sandpipers (along
with many other shorebirds) on the breakwater and nearby beach.

 From James Good:
01/20/15 - Bethlehem,  private feeder -- Four Pine Siskins.

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