[CT Birds] Warbling Vireo nests

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 15:11:58 EDT 2020

Warbling Vireos are easy birds to find in many Atlas blocks because of
their persistent singing. Locating a nest is another matter, because they
usually place them high in leafy deciduous trees. However, this species is
noted for a behavior that can help improve your chances - they often sing
while sitting on the nest. They  usually place the nest in the outer part
of a high clump of leaves, which also helps. It's still not easy, but if
you hear a Warbling Vireo singing over and over from the same spot, that
might indicate a nest and allow you to try to zero in on it.

I was at Hop Brook Lake yesterday when a persistent song in a big hardwood
caught my attention. It didn't seem as high as is often the case, and the
tree was growing on a grassy slope, so I could move up and down and
change my point of view. After a bit of looking, I focused on what was the
bottom of a nest with the vireo song coming from the spot. When I moved up
the slope and changed the angle, I could see the bird's face and bill over
the rim of the nest.

I've seen Yellow-throated Vireos doing this as well.

Greg Hanisek

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