[CT Birds] Counting crows

Gregory Hanisek ctgregh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 12:44:07 EDT 2020

Recent revelation - I'm not very good at confirming crows. In looking over
blocks in which I've submitted data for the CT Bird Atlas, I realized I'm
coming up short on American Crows, including no confirmation for the block
I live in. I headed out Thursday with no clear plan to rectify this. I just
haven't been seeing a lot of crows.

I spent 3 hours in the morning walking trails in woods and scrub areas in
Litchfield County.It was quite successful in terms of the Atlas, but no
crows until we came to the end of our loop at a main country road.  We
heard a couple crows, and as we emerged I peered into a yard that was a
little noisy, Result - 5 or 6 American Crows including harshly calling
adults and pesky, begging juveniles making a family group with recently
fledged young.

Now it was time to apply a rule learned from Atlasing. If species A is
doing Behavior B here, then others should also  be doing it There. There
and There. The next day I was covering an industrial a park with
undeveloped lots.  I was stopped, when a random single crow popped low into
a tree next to me. A couple days before I would have moved on, but instead
I waited to see what happened next. Within 2 minutes it dropped onto some
lawn and 2 more crows emerged from some woods - pesky beggers harassing the
first crow. Soon there was an agitated group of 5 or 6.  Another family
group with recently fledged young.

Two days, two confirmations. The next morning I got permission to walk
around a nice farm. Good success after an hour but no crows. So I went
home, still crowless in my own block, and my family decided we'd go out for
some ice cream. Heading W Main St in Waterbury, in my home block, a crow
flew across the street carrying a small bird or mammal. I pulled over,
looked down side yards between houses and saw this crow greeted by several
of its excited family members. Three days, 3 confirmations

So if you take time to watch one crow, it may turn into a party.

Greg Hanisek

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