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For discussing birds and birding in Connecticut

CTBirds is provided by the Connecticut Ornithological Association for the discussion of birds and birding in Connecticut.

CTBirds does NOT support attaching files such as PHOTOS! The usual workaround is to put pictures on the web and include a link in the posting!

Subscribers to CTBirds can:

  • Share information about bird sightings in Connecticut
  • Review recent bird sighting reports and rare bird alerts from across the state
  • Learn (and ask) about places to look for birds in Connecticut
  • Discuss and debate the occurrence, distribution, identification, and ecology of Connecticut birds

A Few Rules
The intent is for this list to be only “lightly” moderated, but there are a few rules, and they are likely to change over time as the list evolves.

  • New subscribers will not be able to post to the list until a moderator is satisfied that the subscription comes from a person, not a spam robot. We will try to respond to new subscriptions within 24 hours. You will begin receiving messages immediately.
  • This is a text-only list. Special fonts and most formatting will be lost, so it is best to send plain text messages in the first place. File attachments are not permitted.
  • CTBirds encourages the open discussion of Connecticut birds and birding. In general, we ask that participants limit their messages to matters related to birds and birding within our state, although information about bird-related issues in other states that may interest Connecticut birders are welcomed.
  • Some birds should not be posted for the good of the bird. This includes day-roosting owls - Eastern Screech, Great Horned, Barred, Barn, Long-eared and Northern Saw-whet. It also includes nesting birds, particularly directions to nests.
  • All messages should be signed with your name and town.
  • This is a family-oriented list. Proper language is expected, and personal disagreements should be handled off-line, not on the list.

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